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Ben Nashman.

CEO, Synex Medical | TKS Innovator


I'm an 18-year-old entrepreneur and engineer living in Toronto. I started the company Synex Medical to develop the next generation of non-invasive biosensors.  I'm also extremely passionate about other areas in physics and tech, and have worked on projects in fields like nuclear fusion and ion propulsion. I've spoken about my work at some of the largest conferences in the world, including Web Summit 2018.


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My work and research.

Synex Medical

I started the company Synex Medical to develop non-invasive biosensor technology capable of monitoring important biomarkers like glucose in real-time. This will come in the form of a wearable device on the scale of a ring.

Medical Imaging

I worked on improving the sensitivity and resolution of multinuclear MRI to accurately detect neurodegenerative diseases. We developed a system to measure intracellular ions and verified it using multiphysics simulations.

Computational Biology

I did research in computational neuroscience for modeling systems of neurons and the brain as a whole. I researched different methods of representing neurons on computers and how to create accurate synapses between them.

Nuclear Fusion

I worked on developing a method to perform muon-catalyzed fusion with net positive energy output. This was done by taking advantage of time-dilation effects at high particle velocities to extend the relative lifetime of the muons.

Ion Propulsion

I'm working on developing an ion thruster to power lightweight aircraft using electro-aerodynamic propulsion. To maximize thrust, I'm experimenting with controlling the resulting ionic wind using gradient magnetic fields.


I did research on applying principles of nanotechnology to control nano-scale objects in precise ways. In particular, I researched the use of different types of nanomotors for use in nanorobotics.

Speaking Opportunities

See where I've spoken about my work.

Web Summit

I spoke at Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal on biosensors and my work at Synex Medical.


I gave a detailed overview of the field of biosensors and integrated lab-on-a-chip technology.

TKS Spotlight

I talked about my journey starting with working on improving MRI technology to starting a biosensor company

My Journey


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